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Sensing & Inspection

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Industrial sensors

Lighting & indication

Turck patlite

Tower lights

Modular tower lights

Monolithic tower lights

LED signal lights

Revolving warning lights

Audible alarms / MP3 voice annunciators

Signaling devices with sound horn

Explosion-safe devices

LED work lights

Network devices

Manual control stations

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Logic control & visualization

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Industrial Internet and Networking

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Motion Control and Robotics

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Variable speed drives & soft starters

Connectors and Cabling

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Machine Safety

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Light curtains / Safety sensors

Safety controllers

ABB Jokab

Safety controllers & accessories

Machine & process guarding

Door / hoods / hatches switches

Machine guarding / fencing systems

Safety machine, process controls & signaling

Safety relays & timers

Pneumatic systems

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Pneumatic valves & valve manifolds

Pneumatic connectors


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Control components

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Circuit Breakers

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Miniature circuit breakers and residual current protections

Fuse protections & switch-disconnectors

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Power supply modules

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